Emergency Water Extraction from Carpet

Water Extraction

Emergency Water Extraction From Carpet – Austin

RAINING KATE’S has got you covered if your property has been damaged by water and it has seeped into your carpet. In other words, if you have carpet water damage there’s no need to fret. Indeed, water damage due to flooding or water leaks, sinks, plumbing, and so on are the most common kinds of water loss in our vicinity. Even a micro-burst storm can lead to minor flash flooding. We have the training, expertise, and advanced equipment to fully restore your property properly, including carpet water damage water restoration. If you face any water-related problem, don’t wait! Give us a call! Our water removal as well as cleanup process also offers you documentation and validation that your property is dry.

And for water extraction for your carpet, we have a special service. With detailed care, effort and the appropriate equipment, we make sure that all water is properly removed from your carpet and it is fit for use again. You can rely on us and avoid the hassle of buying a new carpet altogether, which is bound to be expensive and strenuous.

When a category one flood is caught quickly, it is possible to salvage carpet if water extracted quickly. We use our powerful carpet extraction machines as well as drying equipment to fully remove the water from carpet. A certified technician will then complete any repairs, replace necessary padding, and clean your carpet. Time is of the essence if you wish to salvage your carpet. Call us now for a free carpet extraction estimate. Be it day or night, RAINING KATE’S is available 24/7 for emergency water extraction from carpets because we understand how important it is to get things clean, tidy and looking normal again to keep the ball rolling.

We work with all insurance companies. We also bill insurance direct to save you the time and hassle. No insurance or high deductible? Call us. We will work with you.



Raining Kate’s is available 24/7 with a one-hour response time.