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Water Damage Restoration & Cleaning Services

We are a Water Damage Restoration and Cleaning and Disinfection company based in Austin, TX. We serve Austin and Dallas metropolitan areas.

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Water Damage Restoration ServicesWater Damage Restoration Services

We take all insurance. No insurance or high deductible cost? Call us. We will work with you.

The need for water damage cleanup comes in all different shapes and sizes for homeowners. A leaky pipe or broken appliance can cause significant water damage requiring a certified restoration company to remediate. A flooding disaster can cause devastating damage to your property requiring a company that has seen this level of damage and has experience working with FEMA. We have years of experience working with water damage and flooding. We are prepared and ready to assist you.


Water Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

Water Leak Detection

Mold Remediation

Insurance Claim Restoration

Restoration Equipment Rental

Emergency Disaster Relief ServicesEmergency Services

We have certified water damage professionals on call to visit you right away, for inspecting and surveying the damage done. Since our team is available around the clock, the cleanup process can start immediately. Water needs to be extracted at the earliest to minimize the damage and the space needs to be dried as soon as possible. Raining Kate’s is a local restoration that is nearby and always on call.

Disaster Restoration

Emergency Water Extraction

Frozen Pipe Burst Flooding

Reopening CleaningCleaning and Disinfection Services

At Raining Kate’s, we do far more than your average cleaning company. Though we offer thorough hand cleaning of high-touch surfaces, we go one big step further and use electrostatic sprayers to administer disinfectant. This proven decontamination method is efficient, and therefore affordable. Most importantly, it’s effective for eliminating the coronavirus. Our skilled technicians have the experience to get the job done right.


Back to Normal

Calm and Competent – 24/7 Emergency Response 

At Raining Kate’s, we know you’re going through an emergency flooding cleanup situation. You have water throughout your home or business and need it taken care of immediately. We’re not here to add to your stress – we’re here to address your emergency and fix your restoration problem.



IICRC Certified Firm

Our team of IICRC certified water damage restoration professionals are experienced in handling water flooding situations. In order to serve our clients best, our work includes storm-related flood damage, overflowing sinks, leaking appliances, sewage backups, basement flooding, water heater leaks, and many more water damage cleanup emergencies daily.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction is guaranteed, and all restoration work is warrantied for one year.


If you need residential or commercial flood cleanup services, then we invite you to call the leading team in the area: Raining Kate’s. You can reach us anytime at (512) 772-1394.