Flood Water Category 1-2-3

category one flood damage

The Three Flood Water Categories

The flood standard used by both the insurance and flood industry describes three categories for floods. There are many factors used to determine the Category of a flood including the water source, how long the before water is cleaned up, the level of contamination, and the type of materials in the area that is flooded or that water traveled through. All of these factors will help us determine the best and safest methods for water damage cleanup.


Clean Water

Flood Water Category One

Flood Water Category One – Clean Water

This is a flood where the source came from a clean water source and has not passed through dangerous or toxic materials. Most likely the flooding will have occurred within 24hrs before unsafe levels of microorganisms are allowed to grow. This water is generally still considered safe but should be remediated immediately so as to not deteriorate into Category Two state.

Examples of Flood Water Category One Sources:

  • Overflowing Sink or Bathtub
  • Water Leaking from a Toilet Tank
  • Broken Water Line

Flood Water Category Two – Gray Water

Category two water poses more of a threat due to what could be unsafe levels of microorganism growth or dangerous organic or inorganic matter that could contaminate the source of water. These floods can pose potential health risks. A Category One flood can quickly turn into a Category Two flood if not remediated. A certified professional will clean up standing water and also find the path water has traveled to safely remediate all areas of the home or business.

Examples of Flood Water Category Two Sources:

  • Dishwasher Discharge
  • Overflowing Washing Machine
  • Category One source that has turned into Category Two water

Gray Water

flooded living room

Flood Category Three

Flood Category Austin

Flood Water Category Three – Black Water

Category Three water has been grossly contaminated and can cause significant health problems. These waters must be contained and remediated before the flooded area can be considered safe for work or inhabitance again. If not properly restored to the original state by following the flood standard, category one or two flood can potentially become a category three.

Examples of Flood Water Category Three Sources:

  • Sewage Backup
  • Flooding from outside natural water source such as ocean, stream, or creek
  • Overflowing toilet containing feces

Water Damage Restoration Process

At Raining Kate’s, we bring our knowledge of the flooded water categories plus our professional equipment to properly remediate your home or business. We will walk the property with you, our customer, and make a restoration plan. This will include a plan for your furniture and belongings as well as deciding what can be and cannot be salvaged. We will walk you through the process and do our best to give you an accurate time frame for the project. After getting your approval, we will get started immediately.

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Restoration Process

Restoration Equipment

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Flood Damage Insurance Claim Specialists

Flood cleanup and water damage repair is only the beginning, Raining Kate’s is also here to help you successfully manage your exhausting flood insurance claims procedure no water what flood water category your mitigation project. Getting your claim handled efficiently, correctly and completely is the key to your long term recovery and happiness.

Our administrative team works directly with your insurance company to make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed. This will include full documentation and pictures – that means faster approval and no shortchanging of your claim. We understand insurance inside and out, so your process is as hassle-free as possible.

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