Restoration Insurance Claims

Water Mitigation Insurance Claim

Need to make a Water Damage Restoration Insurance Claim?

Raining Kate’s works with your homeowners insurance and will submit your water damage restoration billing for you. We will do the water damage restoration according to insurance industry standards and use preferred Xactimate billing method to write up your claim.

We help you maximize your restoration insurance claim by making sure that your home is dried to the highest standard with no unnecessary charges. Raining Kate’s understands the requirements of the insurance industry standards. This prevents you from being stuck with a bill that they will not cover.

We work with ALL insurance companies.

At Raining Kate’s, we have worked with all the major insurance companies, and FEMA too, but we are still a local-owned water damage restoration business advocating for you. We pride ourselves in maintaining good working relationships with all restoration insurance carriers so that water mitigation claims are closed quickly and seamlessly. We follow IICRC water damage restoration standards assuring professional workmanship.

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Restoration Insurance Claim Tips


You are not required to contact your insurance in order to start a claim.

Your insurance company is as invested as you are in making sure you get the work done as soon as possible. It saves costs to the them by minimizing the damage. We will help you through the claims process once we arrive. We are an insurance claims restoration company that works with your insurance to reduce the hassles and expenses for property owners. 

Choose a company certified in water damage restoration and experienced in insurance claims restoration.

Companies that are inexperienced in restoration insurance claims are likely to work inefficiently. They may not know to follow the insurance industry water damage restoration standards. They also will likely not have the correct billing methods to properly itemize or justify the restoration insurance claim. This could result in extra charges not covered by the insurance, resulting in a surprising bill for you.

Find and honest company that will not needlessly drive up the cost of your claim. 

Most insurance companies will be very fair in reimbursing you for damages. However, if the water damage insurance claims restoration company you hire over charges and inflates the cost of your claim, it could eat into the cost of replacement and repairs to your home. We follow the IICRC water damage standard, which is the restoration insurance claims standard.


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Can Raining Kate’s help with our category 3 restoration insurance claim?

Absolutely. Raining Kate’s certified water damage restoration insurance claims specialist are experienced in mitigating any category of water flooding. We handle all IICRC water classifications.

What can we expect when Raining Kate’s arrives?

We will appoint a professional to visit you right away. Upon arrival, they will locate the water source. We will walk you through the restoration insurance claims process, and get started immediately. Our certified technician will conduct a risk assessment, extract standing water, perform moisture readings, take pictures for your claim, and set up professional drying equipment. Your belongings will be moved to a dry area and, when necessary we can move them to a secondary location.

Only require Water Drying Equipment Rental and Delivery?

At Raining Kate’s, we rent out the very best professional drying equipment at reasonable prices that are covered under restoration insurance claims. What’s more, we even deliver and pick up the equipment to you at an extra cost. Read More

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