Water Leak Detection

water leak detection equipmentNotice water damage but not sure where it is coming from?

Slow leaks can cause significant damage over time. Professional water leak detection is crucial to find water that has made its way into cabinets, through walls and down hallways, under carpet, pools in dark closets, and soaks insulation. These are the dark porous spaces where mold thrives!

Professional Water Leak Detection Services

As restoration experts, we are trained on how to detect a water leak. We track the water to its source and dry every area within its path. Damp carpet or a musty smell are often the first indicators of this type of water damage from household flooding. If you discover water damage from a leak, do not underestimate the damage it may have already caused. Call the professionals at RAINING KATE’S available 24/7 to come out for a free estimate.

If there is a water leak, we will find it.

At RAINING KATE’S, our water leak detection services are designed to find water in your home or business. It could be plumbing, an A/C, or appliances causing water damage. At RAININGKATE’S, if there is a leak, we will find it.

If you have an immediate need for water restoration services, we are ready 24/7 to respond to emergencies with a one-hour response time. Contact us at 512-772-1394 or through our Contact Us form.

Common Sources of Water Leaks


Busted Pipe

leak detection

Busted or Leaking Pipe

A busted or leaking pipe can cause devastating damage to your home or business and cause a sky high water bill. If you detect water leaks on drywall, baseboards bowing out from the wall, water coming from under cabinets, it is important to detect the cause of the leak quickly to minimize damage. Sometimes a leak under the sink can be easily found after opening a cabinet and sometimes the source is not that clear. At Raining Kate’s, we will use our professional water leak detection equipment. The restoration process starts as soon as the water is stopped.

Water Leak Detection after Water Heater Overflow

Leaking water heaters are one of the most common causes for water damage. If you notice a water heater leak it is important to have water leak detection in order to find unseen paths of water. A restoration professional can use professional water leak detection equipment to find damage in drywall, insulation, and beyond. Raining Kate’s is always on call to detect water after a water heater leak.

“Thank you so much for your help with the water heater overflow. The water sat for a day before i knew about it, and you guys had it out and the equipment in place to dry immediately. Your honest approach and customer service is The Best! Again, Thank you so much…” – Joe


Water Heater Leak or Overflow

water heater leak

Refrigerator Leak

refrigerator leak

Refrigerator or Ice Maker Leak

Water damage from a leaking refrigerator line is another sneaky cause of our customers requiring water leak detection services.  These slow water leaks can cause significant damage over time or all at once. With their close proximity to the walls of your kitchen the water often leaks into cabinets, through walls and down hallways, under carpet, pools in dark closets, and soaks insulation. Because these types of water leaks often happen over time, it is important to have a professional do an inspection to be sure all water has been discovered and areas dried. If water goes undetected, these seemingly small water leaks could cause mold become more costly and hazardous.


Flooding From Dishwasher

A leaking dishwasher can flood can cause significant damage to your home. These floods can come from a slow leak in the water line, all at once during a faulty cycle, or due to improper installation. Whatever the cause don’t risk the dangers of letting water trapped under cabinets, drywall, and floors turning into mold. Call out a professional for water leak detection to determine if there is a risk to further damage of your home or office. Estimates are free!


Water Damage From Dishwasher

dishwasher leak

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Flood Damage Insurance Claim Specialists

Flood cleanup and water damage repair is only the beginning, Raining Kate’s is also here to help you successfully manage your exhausting flood insurance claims procedure. If you have homeowners insurance for water mitigation, our water leak detection services are included. Getting your claim handled efficiently, correctly and completely is the key to your getting the nightmare of water damage to your property behind you.

Our administrative team works directly with your insurance company to make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed, including full documentation and pictures – that means faster approval and no shortchanging of your claim. We understand insurance inside and out, so your process is as hassle-free as possible.

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IICRC Certified Firm

Water Leak Detection Services Available 24/7

Our IICRC-certified firm is a local, Texas company with the honest aim of helping you get your life or business operations back on track. We’ll even handle insurance claims directly to save you the headache, and you’ll gain the peace of mind of having your restoration services guaranteed for one year.

Why call Raining Kate’s for Water Leak Detection?

  • •Detection of any type of water leak
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • • Available for Service 24/7
  • • Licensed, bonded and insured flood restoration company
  • • Free Inspections & Estimates
  • • Guaranteed Work
  • • Direct Insurance Billing

At RAINING KATE’S, we know you’re going through an emergency situation when you you are in need of water leak detection. We’re not here to add to your stress – we’re here to address your emergency situation and fix your problem.

Our team of certified water damage restoration professionals is experienced in handling water leak detection needs in a calm and competent way.

You can expect our entire team to listen to your concerns and help you through each step of the process. When our team arrives, we will bring the confidence and professionalism to get the job done, allowing you the calm of knowing you are taken care of.

We’re ready 24/7 for when you need us. We can be there within one hour when you call us at 512-772-1394 or get in touch through our Contact Us form.