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Texas Disaster Declarations and FEMA

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and unfortunately, that includes flood related disasters. When a hurricane hits the Texas coast, there are 369,071 Texas homes vulnerable to the storm surge. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the government organization created to help Americans and legal residents after a natural disaster. In the last week 36 counties in Texas have been added due to flooding as a result of record breaking rainfall.

Myth #1:
If you have private insurance, FEMA will not help you.

Eligibility depends on many factors. Some folks with insurance can still receive aid for the losses not covered by their policy.

Myth #2:
FEMA only helps those counties listed in the initial declaration by the President.

Things change fast and often after a disaster. If you had damages from a disaster, register with FEMA.

Myth #3:
Once you register, qualification is automatic.

Once registration is correctly completed, the process does not end. There could still be more hurdles to manage, such as interviews or inspections. Make sure you know what to expect, or have a professional on your side that does.

The staff at Raining Kate’s know better than to expect smooth sailing after a flood. Luckily for our customers, we know how to handle rough water. If you are the survivor of a Texas disaster, give us a call, you can even ask for Kate by name. You will find that she is already nearby.


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