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COVID-19 Safety Update
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COVID-19 Safety


In response to rising COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, Austin Public Health (APH) recently raised the area’s risk-based guidance to Stage 5, its highest level. RAINING KATE’S wants you to know that we are fully on board with the notion of our company’s responsibility in adhering to APH’s recommendations and working toward halting the spike in infection caused by the Delta variant.


Certified Clean

A Water Crisis in Your Home or Business

Unfortunately, weather does not concern itself with a pandemic and if your home or business is flooded or has suffered water damage, you need to seek help, which means having people in your house or workplace. We understand that this may cause you concern and want to assure you that at Raining Kate’s we are doing whatever we can to keep both our customers, employees, and contractors safe. Our COVID-19 safety protocol includes the following:

Encouraging all of our staff and contractors to get fully vaccinated.

Requiring all of our personnel to wear masks at all times while working in and around your property.

Instructing our workers to wash their hands regularly and where this may not be possible to use liberal amounts of hand sanitizer. If our workers need to wear disposable gloves, such gloves will be changed at regular intervals.

Requiring that all workers wash their hands for at least twenty seconds before they start working, after removing gloves, before and after handling high-touch items, and before and after all bathroom or meal breaks.

Frequently disinfecting and cleaning your home to the best of our ability throughout the day, paying special attention to frequently-touched areas like bathrooms, windows, and door handles.

While working in your home, maintaining, to the best of our availability, adequate ventilation to reduce the concentration of viral particles in indoor air.

In addition, we strongly encourage all customers to wear face masks when interacting with our workers.



Local Texas Business

Distance Socially ~ Support Locally 

Please continue to support local businesses in 2021. It is no secret that our small and local businesses have been hit hard.

We are making sure that we are playing it as safe as possible on a day to day basis in our work and our personal lives. However, we want to be sure we remain aware of where we spend our money.  Our focus this year continues to be on investing locally on the businesses that keep our local communities thriving, vibrant, and unique.




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