RAINING KATE’S – Ethics Policy

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Best Quality Standards

At RAINING KATE’S we believe honesty is of the highest importance. 

Raining Kate’s is a company whose only purpose is to serve. Throughout the year, we serve our customers in their times of need, and sometimes great need. We are one hundred percent committed to serving our environment, our communities, and individual people.

We are a provider of property damage restoration and remediation and subscribe to the following guidelines in our contacts with our customers, business affiliates, and employees:


  1. We will treat our customers and their property and possessions with every care and respect.
  2. We will provide high principles of practice that will, if at all possible, restore the customer’s premises to its pre-soiled or pre-damaged condition.
  3. We will never use disastrous conditions as an excuse for failing to adhere to the professional and ethical standards that direct our work practices.
  4. We will always operate in a manner that accords with sound business practices and ethical principles.
  5. We understand that we have an obligation to act in a responsible manner that is consistent with the preservation of the environment in which we all live.
  6. We will maintain our professional proficiency through continuous participation in appropriate training and education.
  7. We will always provide our customers with accurate information concerning the scope of the work required and its estimated costs.
  8. We will disclose to the customer any connection we may have to any interested third party such as their insurer.


Family Business

 We have built our family run business on our reputation as a water damage restoration company that always does business with honesty and integrity.






If you need residential or commercial flood water damage restoration services, then we invite you to call the leading team in the area: Raining Kate’s. You can reach us anytime at (512) 772-1394.