Fire Damage Restoration Service

Fire damage can be both traumatizing and frightening for victims. However, the restoration process can be smooth  and easy. Raining Kate’s deals with such issues professionally and provides all the required support against fire devastation with great promptness. 

Looking for an immediate support for your fire damage restoration needs in the Austin and Dallas areas? 


Raining Kate’s understands the amount of devastation a fire accident can bring to your family or business. We also know that the damage does not end with extinguishment of flames alone. It leads to the loss of valuable work hours and productivity till the property is completely restored.  Keeping this in mind, our experienced professionals go the extra mile to provide reliable fire damage restoration services that can limit both your emotional and financial losses.  

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Why Choose Us?

  •  We evaluate the amount of damage caused by the fire, soot, smoke and water used to stop flames from spreading.
  •  Our professionals remove all the non-repairable items from the site. They also make sure to restore items that are saved from fire.
  •  We provide tarps or board ups wherever needed to protect your property from intruders
  • Water used to extinguish fire might damage your property internally. Our team makes sure to remove the excess water and dry the affected areas to avoid further damage.
  •  Our professionals are well-equipped and after drying out your property they make use of specialized equipment to remove soot from different surfaces. We also make sure to remove all the chemical and biological pollutants from the site.
  •  After removal of soot and pollutants from the property, we focus on smoke and odor removal.
  • Finally our technicians make sure to clean the remaining dust, smoke, or debris from your property and sanitize the site properly.

We at Raining Kate’s work closely with local fire departments and take their help when needed to provide you with the best of services.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

The first 48 hours after fire damage are critical for recovery. Here, emergency responses that quickly stabilize the issue can help property owners to recover their property as much as possible. Apart from the flames produced, soot and smoke can degrade the condition of the property along with other vital assets. Also, in most cases fires are extinguished with the help of water and other dry chemicals that contrary to popular belief, can accelerate the damage. Additionally, fire damage results in toxic smoke that must be neutralized to avoid further damage of the property.

The fire damage restoration is a process that is conducted to mitigate the damage. Here, professionals clean soot, smoke, and debris from the site to avoid further emotional and financial loss. They also dry out the areas damaged by water to keep away structural damage.

To mitigate the damage caused by fire, smoke, and soot, count on Raining Kate’s fire damage restoration program today.

What if I need Late Night Fire Damage Restoration Assistance?

Raining Kate’s is open 24/7 to assist you with your fire damage restoration needs. Our customer support executives are always ready to assist your over call for fire damage restoration. Restoring your property correctly and that too on tie is our top priority. So, whenever in need of fire damage restoration, feel free to call us at (512)772-1394.

What Is Needed To Get A Free Estimate?

For a FREE consultation, do not hesitate to call our customer support executive. On booking an appointment, our experts will visit your property and scrutinize the damage and provide you with an estimate. The estimate will include every item and detail so that it is super easy to follow and understand.

Will My Property Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

We at Raining Kate’s work closely with insurance companies to reduce your hassles and expenses. However, whether your property insurance covers fire damage completely depends upon your policy. If it is covered, the company will provide you with invoices upto your policy limit. Rest assured we will assist you to handle the claim and coordinate with the insurance company so that your life gets back on track.

We have complete services for fire damage in Austin and Dallas.
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