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Appliance Leaks – A Common Cause of Water Damage

There is always someone standing by to take your call  512-772-1394 Water Damage from Appliance Leaks Are Very Common! People often assume about the water restoration industry that most of our calls come after heavy rains and natural disasters. While this is true, most are surprised to find out that

Dangers of Mold

There is always someone standing by to take your call at 512-772-1394. It can ruin your favorite fruit, but it can also be dangerous when left to fester. Everybody knows that mold is unpleasant and the word makes us cringe. But, do you know exactly what mold is and why

Electrostatic Spraying vs. Other Methods

  Why Raining Kate’s for Electrostatic Disinfection? There are a lot of companies out there offering electrostatic disinfection services right now. As a water damage restoration company, we specialize in the business of professional decontamination and disinfection. We use the innovative equipment of a restoration company and EPA approved professional

Yes, We Are Open!

  Update – We are open for business! We continue to offer 24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services. In an effort to support our local business, we are now also open for Clean and Disinfection Services. This was a no brainer for us. We specialize in making your home or business

Texas Disaster Declaration & FEMA

Texas Disaster Declarations and FEMA

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and unfortunately, that includes flood related disasters. When a hurricane hits the Texas coast, there are 369,071 Texas homes vulnerable to the storm surge. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the government organization created to help Americans and legal residents after a natural disaster. In