New Year’s – Texas Freeze

Are You Ready for the New Year’s Freeze in Texas?

New Year Freeze Texas

North and Central Texas are experiencing freezing temps that will last at least through New Year’s week. Freezing weather can be dangerous for people, pets, and property.

Below are some tips to protect your home or business from flooding during our winter freeze. Good luck, stay warm, and Happy New Year!

Freeze Tips

  • If possible, turn off water to all outside faucets. Open valves and allow them to drain.
  • Disconnect all garden hoses.
  • Cover faucets with insulating faucet covers. They will help to keep some of the heat from your home inside. They can be purchased at your local hardware store.
  • Set all inside faucets at a drip. Use hot and cold if there are two levers or set in the middle for one. This will open both the hot and water lines. Continued water running through faucets will prevent freezing.
  • Locate your water main valve so that you are prepared to shut it off in an emergency.
  • Insulate any exposed outside pipes. Foam pipe covers can be found at your hardware store.
  • Open cabinet doors under your sinks.
  • Insulate washing machine pipes.

If you believe you have a frozen pipe that has not burst, use heat to attempt to thaw. A space heater or hair dryer can be used for this. Keep faucets open so that water can drain.

Raining Kate’s Flood Restoration 

Business Owner and FamilyRaining Kate’s is a local restoration company that takes a sincere and honest approach to every project we take on. Our technicians take care to keep our customers informed every step of the way.  Upon arrival we will make a plan with you, our customer, for the best way to proceed in restoring your home or business after a flood. We are focused on customer satisfaction and provide the detail-oriented assistance required to restore your home or office.
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Managing the stress of the situation can be overwhelming. So, we will bill the insurance company directly to make it as easy as possible for you. Our billing team specializes in working with insurance and our technicians know how to do the job right, so as to not make costly decisions that will result in work not covered by your insurance. No insurance? That’s okay too! We will work with you.

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