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Our IICRC-certified firm is a Austin and surrounding area water cleanup company with the honest aim of helping you to get your life or business back on track. We’ll even handle insurance claims directly to save you the headache, and you’ll gain the peace of mind of having your restoration services guaranteed for one year.

  • • Available for Service 24/7
  • • Free Inspections & Estimates
  • • Guaranteed Work
  • • Direct Insurance Billing

If you have an immediate need for water restoration services, we are ready 24/7 to respond to emergencies with a one-hour response time. Contact us at 512-772-1394 or through our Contact Us form.

Frozen Pipes

Pipe Burst

The water damage caused by a bursting pipe after a freeze can be significant, time is of the essence. The extraction and drying process can often prevent a flood restoration project from becoming a much costlier mold restoration job. When caught quickly, damages can be minimized.

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Storm Damage

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and unfortunately, that includes flood related disasters and storms. Raining Kate’s  is experienced dealing with Texas style flood disasters both large and small. Flooding from a storm include but are not limited to:

  • • Creek, Stream, or Lake Overflow
  • • Hail
  • • Flash Flooding
  • • Hurricane
  • • Tornado
  • • Burst or Frozen Pipes

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Storm Damage

Flooding 2015

Overflowing Tubs & Sinks

Overflowing Tub in Bathroom

Overflowing Tubs & Sinks

Overflowing tubs and showers happen every day. A dripping sink can cause significant damage if not discovered right away. Call out the professionals at Raining Kate’s to be sure the damage is safely contained. Examples of this type of flood include but are not limited to overflowing sinks, tub overflow, shower overflow, dripping sinks, overflowing toilets,  and broken pipes.

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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage backups are not only icky, they are extremely hazardous. Raining Kate’s will not only clean up the mess, a certified technician will assure your home or business is free of bacteria and nasty odors. We will contain the area to avoid cross contamination and bring your home or business back to inhabitable conditions. The faster we are able to respond the faster we will be able to keep contaminated water from spreading. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • • Overflowing toilet
  • • Sewage Water Cleanup and Removal
  • • Septic Tank Backup
  • • Odor Removal
  • • Decontamination

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Sewage Cleanup


Flood from Appliance

Washing Manchine

Leaking Appliance

The slow leak from a refrigerator line or a water heater can be devastating. Damp carpet or a musty smell are often the first indicators of this type of flood. Be it a slow leak or a sudden flooding of water from a dishwasher or overflowing washing machine, a call to a professional is in order. When water is allowed to travel through ceilings or walls it is imperative that a professional come out to assess the damage. When left unchecked in dark places, water damage can become significant mold damage. At Raining Kate’s, we use professional restoration equipment to track the water from its source and follow its path. We use this information to make the most cost effective and successful plan to remediate you residential or commercial property. Examples of appliance related floods:

  • • Water Heater Leak or Overflow
  • • Washing Machine Overflow
  • • Refrigerator or Ice Maker Leak
  • • Dishwasher Overflow

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At Raining Kate’s, we know you’re going through an emergency situation. You have water throughout your Austin, TX area home or business and need it taken care of immediately. We’re not here to add to your stress – we’re here to address your emergency situation and fix your problem.

Our team of certified flood restoration professionals is experienced in handling water restoration situations in a calm and competent way. Our work includes but is not limited to from storm-related flood damage, overflowing sinks, leaking appliances, sewage backups, and many more water damage cleanup emergencies daily.

You can expect our entire team to listen to your concerns and help you through each step of the process. When our team arrives, we will bring the confidence and professionalism to get the job done, allowing you the calm of knowing you are taken care of.

We’re ready 24/7 for when you need us. We can be there within one hour when you call us at 512-772-1394 or get in touch through our Contact Us form.